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Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp


Potter Wasp


Potter wasps are medium-sized wasps with long, slender bodies and black and yellow markings on their abdomens. They are typically found in climates like the one in South Florida, but they can thrive in many different locations. They are known for their nests, which are constructed out of clay. These clay nests are shaped like vases, with a narrow opening to prevent invaders from getting inside. They contain a protected chamber for their larva and a space for their prey. 

Potter wasps are solitary creatures, similar to mud daubers. They eat a multitude of insects and are particularly fond of caterpillars. While they may have a frightening appearance, they are not aggressive towards humans. They can be provoked when they feel their nest is threatened, but they tend to keep to themselves. 

If you are concerned about potter wasps within your home, it’s always a good choice to contact a South Florida pest control professional for additional help.

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