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The term “hornet” describes about 20 species of wasps. They resemble yellow jackets but have larger, thicker bodies. Another distinction they have from their yellow jacket cousin and many other wasps is that they’re slightly less aggressive.

Like any wasp, hornets do sting multiple times when their nests are under threat. Their warped ball-shaped nests can most often be found in eaves, attics and outdoor plants like bushes and trees. These nests are typically about the size of a football or a soccer ball. If you find a hornet’s nest, avoid removing it on your own. If the nest is in your way, call a professional pest control company, and allow them to safely remove the nest.

In South Florida, you’re most likely to encounter bald-faced hornets, which are black and white; and European hornets, which are larger than other hornets with brown and yellow bodies.

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