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Mice Control in South Florida

Don’t be fooled by the size of those mice running around inside your house.

They may not look harmful, but these pests have the ability to contaminate your food or worse. Not only do they eat your food for free, they leave you with nothing to show for it . . . except droppings.  You need mice control! These are unwanted guests that you want out of your home ASAP!

Fortunately, Command Pest Control is here for you. Mice are some of the most common pests that we deal with here in South Florida. Many of them reside both inside and outside your home. That’s why we make sure that our mice-control processes will keep them away from your property for good.

Our process to eliminate the mouse problem in your home.

  • Inspect the entire structure
  • Seal all of the mouse/mice entry points on the exterior
  • Seal all of the accessible mouse/mice entry points on the interior
  • Set traps in attic and other out of the way areas
  • Revisit your home in a few days – remove the traps
  • No More Mice

Importance of mice control

Why bother getting mice-control services?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Mice are everywhere!
  • It is not enough that they are not inside your home.
  • Remember that they are small, and they can fit through the tiniest holes.
  • It is likely that if you see them outside your home, it will only be a matter of time before they have found a way into your home.
  • Our mice-control methods can help you eliminate the chances of these mice getting into your house!
  • Mice are carriers of germs and diseases. They travel through dumpsters and canals and everywhere in between.
  • Once in your home they will contaminate everything and spread germs throughout your entire home

Safety for your fragile kids!

Mice are prevalent carriers of different diseases. Since kids have weaker immune systems as compared to adults, the germs and diseases that mice carry can be life-threatening for them. In fact, mice can worsen your kids’ asthma and allergy attacks. Mice control is important to protect your kids from unwanted health issues. It’s never too late for that extra preventive measure to help protect your kids. Command Pest Control is here to control the mice and help protect you and your kids from these nasty germs!

Choose Command for mice control services

We have been Exterminating Pests for over two decades now. Trust us to take care of those pests for the safety and wellbeing of you and your family.


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