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Command Knows How to Treat Termites

Command Knows How to Treat Termites

drywood-termite-300x199Since 1990, Command Pest Control has been the go-to company for both home and business owners in South Florida and surrounding areas. Over the last two decades, we have earned the trust of thousands of clients, thanks to our expert knowledge on how to treat termites that are native to the State of Florida.

Call us for professional termite control! Command knows how to identify these pests, how to inspect infested areas, and how to treat termites efficiently. We offer our services all year round because we believe that no area should be left unchecked for long. Spare your property from devaluation and ensure your home’s stability with timely termite and pest control.

What to know about how to treat termites

no-tent-termite-treatment-command-pest-control-pompano-beach-fl-e1420475549589-150x150We perform termite control by injecting a chemical treatment directly into the infested area, home, or structure. Command Pest Control does its job by using a professional chemical termiticide, called Termidor.

We work with highly toxic substances. Our pest and termite control specialists want to ensure the safety of everyone in the affected area. Please be sure to listen to the advice and instructions given by our helpful staff concerning your personal safety.

Common methods used by Command Pest Control to treat termites

Command makes use of two of the most effective methods to eradicate termites.

  1. Borate Treatment – borates are odorless and are generally safe for humans. Considered effective for controlling pests of all types, borates may be applied in powder form, liquid form, or as a foam.

  2. Bait System – as one of the least invasive method, this treatment is done by placing monitoring stations around your home or workplace. The stations are then checked for termite activity at certain time intervals. Should activity be detected, insecticide bait is then inserted into the station to replace wood.

Command Pest Control knows how to treat termites and pests in your home or workplace in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and nearby areas. Find out how we can help keep your home safe and strong. Call us at (954) 943-0008 or fill out our contact form.





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