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Pest and Termite Control in Pompano Beach, FL

Having problems with cockroaches, rats, mice, termites, or other destructive pests 

in your Pompano Beach home, Command Pest Control is here for you. With the help of our extermination experts and advanced termite treatment methods, you can bid farewell to your unwanted guests.

What you need to know about pest and termite control

For over 24 years, Command has been the leader in Termite and Pest Control Pompano Beach, FL. One of the reasons is because we have a simple, yet very effective process:

You see pests lurking inside your house. Are they cockroaches? Mice? Termites? Rats? Ants? Fleas? Ticks? Silverfish? Spiders?! It’s important that you are aware of what is going on underneath and inside the walls of your home. A good inspection is the best preparation for pest and termite treatments. Call us right away. Now that you have identified the pests inside your house, call us right away so we can answer your questions. This is a team effort. We need you to provide a good description of what is going on. We’ll inspect the property. Having a general idea of the potential pest infestation within your home, we can now do what we do best! It’s time for you to sit back and relax as we go through every corner of your home. Is it time for Command’s pest and termite control services? Dealing with pests inside your house is just one small step. Our technicians always look at the bigger picture (or pest). We’ll recommend the best solution to deal with your existing problem, and offer you long-term protection, too.

Command Pest Control means the best pest and termite control in Florida!

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We have served thousands of pest and termite control clients since 1995. Plus, we do our very best to deliver nothing but 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that home is where you should feel the safest. Our goal is to help you provide a safe and healthy environment for your family or coworkers. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has given us license to bring our professional pest and termite control services to the local community throughout the years.

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” We are really impressed with how quickly they were able to get to us today, with only a few hours notice. They are always professional and a pleasure to deal with. Very worth the price. I cannot express how grateful I am!! THANK YOU”

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