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No-Tent Fumigation Termite Treatment

No-Tent Fumigation is a cost effective alternative to Tent Fumigation

No-Tent Fumigation (also known as Tape and Seal Fumigation) is a highly effective alternative Fumigation method used to control termite infestations in homes, buildings, boats, warehouses, etc. No-Tent Fumigation (Tape and Seal Fumigation) is almost identical to a Tent Fumigation, except that instead of covering the entire structure with Tarps, the home is sealed with special tape and plastic sheeting. The tape and plastic sheeting are used in specific areas to prevent the loss of the fumigant gas and to ensure that the fumigant remains contained in the structure. No-Tent Fumigation utilizes the same specialized fumigant (usually at a higher rate) and the same fumigant monitoring equipment as used when performing Tent Fumigations.

No-Tent Fumigation method is mainly used in cases where a Tent fumigation is recommended to eliminate a termite infestation, but cannot be performed due to various reasons, such as: design of the structure, type of roof, heavy foliage, or some other condition that would prevent the use of tarps or where the cons of a Tent Fumigation outweigh the pro’s.

An example of when to choose a No-Tent Fumigation (Tape and Seal Fumigation) over a Tent Fumigation would be if a structure has a metal roof, because most metal roofs have sharp edges, and these sharp edges could cut or tear the tarp open and cause unacceptable gas loss. Another example would be a structure that has a lot of foliage up against or on the exterior walls, if Tent Fumigated some or all of the foliage may need to be covered in order to create a proper seal, and any foliage that was covered would more than likely die or become damaged. Only professional fumigators like the professional fumigators at Command Pest Control have the knowledge and experience to perform No-Tent Fumigations (Tape and Seal Fumigations).

Your safety and the safety of your family is our #1 concern at Command Pest Control

When performing No-Tent Fumigations very strict safety protocols are followed during each and every step of the No-Tent Fumigations (Tape and Seal Fumigation). This includes ensuring that the fumigant is introduced into the structure by one of Command Pest Controls highly trained and certified professional fumigators after the structure has been inspected to confirm that all of the residents and occupants have evacuated, and the structure is confirmed vacant.

Strict rules and regulations are followed to ensure that the proper active ventilation and passive ventilation procedures have been followed before Clearance Testing can begin. The typical length of the entire No-Tent Fumigation is 3 days and 2 nights (total length of time can vary depending on weather, type of structure, size of infestation, and type of termite, etc.

The key steps involved in No-Tent Fumigations are:

  1. Inspection: A thorough inspection of the building or structure is conducted by the SPID (Special ID Card Holder-Job Supervisor) upon arrival to structure.
  2. Preparation: Occupants of the building are evacuated, key arrangements have been made, and a safety check has been made to ensure all safety protocols have been followed properly.
  3. Sealing: All areas identified as potential gas loss sites are carefully sealed using specialized tape and plastic sheeting to create an airtight environment of the structure.
  4. Introduction of Fumigant: After the home is carefully inspected again by the SPID to verify that all occupants have evacuated the structure, a warning agent will be used in the building being fumigated as a safety precaution. The SPID (Special ID Card Holder-Job Supervisor) will then calculate the proper amount of fumigant (varies depending on size of structure, weather conditions, type of insect) and then proceed with introducing the fumigant into the structure.
  5. Monitoring: The fumigant concentration levels constantly being monitored throughout the entire fumigation process using state of the art fumigant monitoring equipment. The concentration level results constantly being replayed via the internet to the Command Pest Control office and the SPID (Special ID Card Holder-Job Supervisor). This ensures a successful No-Tent Fumigation every time.
  6. Aeration: After the No-Tent Fumigation required time has elapsed the SPID (Special ID Card Holder-Job Supervisor) will enter the structure wearing a SCBA and open all of the operable windows and doors to perform the Active Aeration Procedure, after a minimum of 1 hour has elapsed the doors and windows are closed the structure will be secured. At that time the Passive Aeration procedure will begin, and the SPID (Special ID Card Holder-Job Supervisor) will not return for a minimum of 6 hours (time may be longer depending on the design of structure and the amount of fumigant originally introduced into the structure).
  7. Clearance to Re-Enter: After the required minimum Active Aeration Time and the Passive Aeration Time has elapsed the SPID (Special ID Card Holder-Job Supervisor) will return to the property and check the Fumigant Gas Levels in the structure with a High Tech Specialized Fumigant Clearance Device and when the fumigant levels are less than one part per million (ZERO) the structure will be turned over to the Owner/Occupant. **This procedure is performed under the strictest Label Requirements, Company Policies, and State/Federal Laws. There is No Exception to these requirements, policies, and laws.

Client Testimonials

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Mindy TrodellaMindy Trodella
11:54 25 Aug 23
Everything from the first phone conversation with Sharon to the crew that performed the tenting was above and beyond! Excellent service, care when tenting, efficiency, really perfect. Thank you Command Pest Control
Sabrina RowenSabrina Rowen
16:23 21 Jul 23
I had the pleasure of hiring Command Pest Control to handle a pesky pest infestation in my home and to tent my property for termites. I am absolutely delighted with the exceptional service they provided. From start to finish, this company exemplified professionalism, efficiency, and expertise, leaving me with nothing but praise for their outstanding performance.First and foremost, the have been highly responsive and courteous right from my initial inquiry. They were transparent about their pricing and scheduling, putting my mind at ease.The exterminators who visited my home were punctual, neatly dressed, and fully equipped to tackle the pest problem. They conducted a thorough inspection of my property, identifying the source of the infestation and devising a personalized pest control plan. Throughout the process, they demonstrated profound knowledge of various pests and environmentally-friendly methods to handle them.I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail displayed by the technicians during the treatment process. They meticulously applied safe and effective pest control solutions, ensuring the eradication of pests without causing harm to pets. Additionally, they took the time to educate me on preventive measures to avoid future infestations, which I found extremely helpful and informative.The results were nothing short of remarkable! In just a few days after the treatment, I noticed a significant reduction in pest activity, and within a week, my home was entirely pest-free. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.Aside from their exceptional pest control expertise their exceptional customer-centric approach.Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Command to anyone in need of top-notch pest control services. Their dedication to providing an unparalleled customer experience, combined with their skilled extermination techniques, makes them a true industry leader. If you're looking for a pest-free home and peace of mind, look no further. They have certainly earned my trust and future business.
Dan RolloDan Rollo
03:01 08 Jul 23
Command explained their process regarding termite tenting and took appropriate steps to assure us that our home was sealed and the job was conducted to professional standards.The owner of the company, David, also made a visit to the property himself without hesitation to demonstrate the effectiveness of the seal by recording the amount of gas that was contained within the home. This is fantastic for extra peace of mind.My impression of the crew was that they were friendly, professional, and prepared. They worked effectively, efficiently, and ultimately provided a high quality seal on our property.Since our home not only had wood decking, a pergola, and landscaping rock beds to deal with, we knew it may have been potentially challenging. This is why as a homeowner, taking the recommended steps to prepare the house is a non-negotiable. I followed their advice in prepping the property adequately outside (and inside) and it paid off for a smooth and successful treatment.I am happy with the way they handled the job and would recommend their services to anyone in need. The techs are always very friendly and respectful as well. Five stars.
Veronica VejarVeronica Vejar
14:44 12 May 23
Carlos InfanteCarlos Infante
13:33 10 Apr 23
Patricia WeissmanPatricia Weissman
17:39 05 Apr 23
Awesome service. Everything they told us about the service of tenting our condo building was helpful the do's and don'ts. Arrived on time and gave us back the property on time. Command is very honest and upfront company.Thank you to Sharon and everyone of the crew.
Dave BarkerDave Barker
21:59 28 Oct 20
We called Command Pest Control when our house was needing tent fumigation and got a great quote so we went ahead. They were very knowledgeable, and very helpful with the entire process to minimize our time out of the house (2 days). We went out of town while they tented the house and returned after they had removed all the tenting and had cleared the house. Everything was as expected and we were very happy with the service. Very professional, here when they said they would be and did a great job.

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