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Anobiid Powderpost Beetle

Anobiid Powderpost Beetle


Anobiid Powderpost Beetle


Anobiid powderpost beetles are small brown to reddish brown bugs with long cylindrical bodies. These beetles make their homes in warm, tropical climates, and they thrive in areas like South Florida. They get their name from the powdery dust they create as they chew through wood, leaving small holes wherever they go. 

These pests invade softwood and hardwood structures, so it’s common to find them within a house. They love damp wood, so if an area of a home is prone to moisture, you’re likely to find an infestation in that region. Anobiid powderpost beetles nestle into the cracks and crevices of wood and lay their eggs. When their larva is born, it feasts on the wood, creating even more damage. 

These pests can be avoided with proper moisture control, although that can be difficult to manage in a humid climate. Calling a South Florida pest control professional might be the best choice to get rid of these beetles for good.

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