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Red Harvester Ants

Red Harvester Ants

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Family Formicidae


Like the name implies, red harvester ants are red in color and about a quarter to a half-inch in length. They primarily live in the southwestern United States, in places like Texas or Arizona, and are uncommon in South Florida. They share some similar traits with most harvester ants. These ants have distinctive nests that look like mounds of dirt and have many tunnels buried deep in the ground. They also have a painful sting and can be quite aggressive when threatened. 

Red harvester ants have a drive to forage. While they collect seeds like most harvester ants, they also will seek out vegetation as a food source. This causes their worker ants to remove vegetation in a circular area around their nest, which can make their nest all the more distinct. 

Homeowners typically find these ants in lawns, and they are not known to invade homes or other types of infrastructure. While they are uncommon in South Florida, they can still make themselves a threat. If you need help removing red harvester ants from your outdoor space, then we recommend contacting a South Florida pest control professional.

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