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Thief Ants

Thief Ants

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Family Formicidae

Thief Ants


The thief ant is a tiny insect, light in color and often blending into the background of most homes, going unnoticed as it raids homeowners’ pantries. They get their name from their habit of raiding nests of eggs, larvae, or other vulnerable food items. While they will go after sweets, what these ants really crave is protein, so you can often find them going after animal fat or oil. This particular food habit is where they get the nickname “grease ants.” 

While they are a tricky nuisance, these ants are harmless to humans. They don’t bite, and their stinger is so small it’s hardly used effectively. Their real threat comes from the invasion of homes. Thief ants love a warmer climate, like the one found in South Florida, and will oftentimes burrow into the cracks and crevices of a home. 

These shifty invaders are hard to get rid of, and typically, it requires bait traps that will slowly poison their nest. If you are struggling to remove thief ants from your home, then you should contact a South Florida pest control professional.

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