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Old House Wood Borer Beetle

Old House Wood Borer Beetle


Old House Wood Borer Beetle


The old house wood borer beetle isn’t as common as a termite, but they are no less of a threat to a home. The size of an adult beetle can vary from small to large (up to one inch long), and they are most often dark with a set of wings. It’s not common to see adult old house wood borer beetles, as they are often hidden within their choice of food: wood. 

Like similar wood-boring beetles, they attack wood and plant their eggs within the cracks of a home for their larva to later feast upon. This can result in a tremendous amount of damage. Old house wood borer beetles prefer warm, humid climates, like that of South Florida, so it’s important to take preventative measures to stop them from entering your home. 

If you’re having trouble with these beetles, it’s important to contact a South Florida pest control professional to help terminate your infestation.

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