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Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Family Formicidae

Argentine Ants


Argentine ants are native to Northern Argentina, making them an invasive species to areas like South Florida. They are small brown ants, so they’re hard to distinguish from other ant species. While their appearance may not differ much from that of a common ant, their behavior does. Argentine ants do not bite or sting humans, a characteristic that is specific to their species. You often find these urban pests near sources of water or food. 

These ants have the ability to spread rapidly, which can be incredibly harmful to the environment. They have been known to attack nesting birds and other fauna native to the area they invade. These ants thrive in a more temperate climate, so South Florida makes a perfect home for these bugs. 

There is no known threat to Argentine ants beyond control of a chemical or cultural means. If you are having difficulties with Argentine ants, then you should contact a South Florida pest control professional.

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