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Dampwood Termites

Dampwood Termites

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cryptotermes Castaneus

damp-wood-termite-command-pest-controlDampwood Termite, Cryptotermes Castaneus, varies with life-stages. Soldiers are typically a very light cream color with large dark heads and powerful jaws, growing up to ¾-inch long. The most common specimen, Nymphs (juvenile termites), are pale with soft bodies and can get up to 5/8-inch in length. During the Alate, or winged phase, these termites can grow up to 1 inch. While the least common, Kings and Queens are typically brownish in color, and can grow as long as 5/8-inch.

Dampwood Termites do not live in soil, but rather prefer damp or rotting wood to establish their colonies. Unlike Florida Subterranean termites there is no true “working” caste, so the Nymphs (juveniles) carry out all colony tasks, including tending to the king and queen, feeding soldiers and expanding the colony. Once a colony matures, it releases Alate (winged) termites with well-developed eyes to swarm, mate, and create a new colony.

Oftentimes it is hard to identify when Dampwood Termites have colonized, as the fecal pellets they produce usually become wet and stick to the walls of the colony. This specimen specifically targets decaying ground wood. It is vital for Florida homeowners to control moisture-prone areas of their home, as the state’s climate provides an ideal environment for infestation. Dampwood Termites are capable of living, feeding, and eventually weakening trees surrounding the home, dramatically increasing the risk for serious external property damage.

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