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Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee


Bumble Bee

bumble-bees-command-pest-controlBumble bees have a stout, fuzzy and round appearance, with varying stripe patterns depending on the type of bumble bee. While distinct from most types of bees, homeowners sometimes mistake them for carpenter bees. Carpenter bees differ from bumble bees in that their bodies are smooth and shiny, and they’re typically larger than the bumble bee.

The bumble bee is fairly uncommon in South Florida. If you find them, it’s likely to be outdoors. They they live low to the ground in areas like underground cavities and under buildings. Bumble bees die off after the summer, except for the queen, who survives long enough to start a new colony when spring rolls around.

These bees only attack when provoked, but when the hive is disturbed, they defend it aggressively, stinging multiple times. If you find a bumble bee nest, your best bet is to avoid approaching it and to leave it alone. These nests only last for a few months in nature, so there’s no reason to disturb if if it’s not disrupting your life. If the nest is somewhere it really shouldn’t be, call a professional pest control company like Command Pest Control for assistance.

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