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Odorous Ants

Odorous Ants

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Family Formicidae

Odorous Ants

odorous-ants-command-pest-controlThe Odorous House Ant is another small ant, workers being only about 1/8th inch, and colored dark brown to black. They get their name from the rotten Ghost Ant coconut-like odor that they produce when crushed. They routinely invade houses searching for food during the winter, when their usual food-honeydew-has been washed off plants by the rain. Like the Argentine, colonies contain multiple queens and a few thousand worker ants. They nest under stones, pavement, boards-just about anywhere, and will establish inside of houses, also. When outside, the colony will be shallow, only a few inches deep. There will be many foraging trails exiting the colony, seeking to find sweets, their favorite food.

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