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Formosan Termites

Formosan Termites

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coptotermes Formosanus

Formosan Termites

formosan-termites-command-pest-controlFormosan Termites, Coptotermes Formosanus, are typically a yellowish pale color. Workers have pale colored bodies and can get up to 3/8-inch in length. Soldiers are yellowish-white with orange-brown oval shaped heads and can grow up to ¼-inch long. Kings and Queens vary, from a light to dark color, and can grow up to an inch in length. Alate (swarmers) are yellowish-brown with golden brown heads and can grow up to 3/5-inch long and are covered with tiny hairs. Formosan Termites are also referred to as “Super Termites” because of their reputation for being the most destructive termite on the planet.

They have the largest colonies of any termite, some reaching as large as 300 feet and boasting more than 8 million members. These large nests can have multiple kings and queens constantly reproducing, with a mature queen laying as many as 1,000 eggs a day!

The size of these colonies can cause substantial damage at a rapid rate.

With the ability to consume entire planks of wood while leaving the surface intact, these pests can be practically impossible to detect. These termites are also unique in that they can create secondary nests with no ground connection to the original. This makes controlling them, even after having found a nest, extremely difficult. Secondary nests have been found inside walls, behind furniture and underneath cabinetry.

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