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Rodent and Pest Control in Ft. Lauderdale

Rodent and Pest Control in Ft. Lauderdale

rodent-control-command-pest-control-pompano-beach-fl-e1415301378416-300x210When you step into your house, you expect a clean and organized home. But sometimes, there is a little surprise for you. It’s a big fat rodent roaming around your house and scavenging for food. You know what to do. Call Command Pest Control, your trusted local exterminator for pest control in Ft. Lauderdale.

Here at Command, we offer excellent service and a friendly neighborhood approach to business. We make sure that you have a pleasant experience while we attend to your Ratatouille problem. Our skilled team of professionals will stop at nothing until you are absolutely satisfied.

How do rodents get inside my home?

Rats and micecat-and-mouse-med have their way of making it into your house without detection. They are masters of stealth. They crawl through air conditioning lines, water pipes, sewers, vents, roof ducts, door jams, closets, panels, and garage doors. They can even use pipes that are not tightly sealed, including plumbing and oven gas lines. We can detect all these and more.



Best practices for rodent and pest control

Command Pest Control is among the most effective pest control specialists in South Florida. Our extensive experience in handling rodent problems, superior technology, and advanced practices make us one of the best. Our treatment practices include, but are not limited to, rodent-proofing, baiting, and minimizing access to food:


As a measure of precaution, we conduct a thorough and complete inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home. We note all active and inactive rodent access points, and then make sure that they can never walk or crawl through it again. We seal it. This is rodent-proofing.


The most common, and still one of the most effective rodent-proofing methods is placing baits where they usually thrive. We look where droppings, gnawing, or footprints can be seen, and for holes and burrows.

Minimizing food access

We will teach you how to properly store grain and other food, how to block rodent access points, and how to clean any food spill that may attract rodents in the future.

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