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Managing Lawn Insect Populations

Managing Lawn Insect Populations

While there is no way to completely eradicate insects from a yard, there are a few things that homeowners can do to reduce the number of insects living in their yards. Insect control is an especially important topic here in Florida as the year around warm temperatures provide an ideal environment for insects to thrive. By making a yard as unwelcoming as possible, a homeowner can reduce the annoyances and the threat of disease that insects present.

Remove Water

Insects need water to live and reproduce. An easy step to take to reduce the number of insects around a yard is to remove any standing water. A homeowner should remove any unused flower pots and other objects that can hold water. A homeowner should also walk around his or her yard after a rainstorm and drain any pools of water that have formed in the yard, or collected in wheelbarrows, toys, etc. Mosquitoes and other insects can reproduce in standing water in one week or less.

Keep it Clean

Clutter in the yard makes an ideal environment for bugs to thrive. From discarded beverage containers to piles of yard waste, almost any item laying on the ground can create an insect friendly environment. To prevent bugs from making a home in a yard, a homeowner needs to remove any unneeded items that are lying on the ground. In addition to removing clutter, shrubs and other plants should be kept carefully trimmed to prevent branches and leaves from touching the ground.

Lawn Care

Keeping a lawn neatly mowed and trimmed will do more than just keep a yard looking nice, it will also keep down the numbers of insects. High grass and weeds make great hiding places for bugs to escape the hot sunlight and rest out of the wind. Grass that is cut short will also have less dead stems that provide an easy meal for a variety of insects. Any leaves that fall in the yard should also be promptly removed as well.

Short Term Treatments

In addition to routine professional treatments of insecticides, short term treatments are also available to remove the majority of insects from a yard. These treatments are ideal in the hours or days preceding a backyard barbeque or other gathering. Homeowners can purchase foggers and other products that provide short term protection, or professional exterminators can apply chemicals for this purpose.

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