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Reduce Insect Population in Florida This Spring Season

Reduce Insect Population in Florida This Spring Season

Invasive Species

With Florida’s year-round warm climate, insects are a perpetual problem in many residential and commercial properties, especially in the southern regions of the state. As spring arrives, the insect population increases, requiring diligence to get rid of pests. In Florida, there are also many invasive species of vermin such as insects that are accidentally transported on ships or airplanes into the state. While in most geographic regions invading species of ants would die due to cold weather, in Florida the insects flourish in the hot temperatures with no natural enemies to control the population.

Large Populations

Several species of ants have an appearance similar to termites, making it difficult to recognize the type of insect to determine the correct extermination method. Using the wrong chemical agents to control insects can actually make the situation worse as successive generations develop a resistance to the pesticides. While an individual may think there are only a few ants in a building, the insects live in large colonies in hidden spaces with only a few traveling to search for food. Colonies of ants can create a lot of damage in a building before anyone notices a problem.

Painful Stings 

Not only are ants a problem inside a building, the insects are often lurking outside in gardens or fields, destroying foliage such as trees, grass and flowers. The red imported fire ant is a dangerous and aggressive insect that builds mounds outside where thousands of the insects live and breed. Animals or humans are viciously attacked quickly with numerous stings that cause intense pain. This species of ant is responsible for eliminating many types of birds, honeybees or lizards that are a vital part of a particular ecosystem. The red imported fire ant breeds rapidly, leading to fast invasions that destroy plant life.

Professional Extermination

Several species of ants, including invasive varieties are already resistant to man-made chemical agents that people use to spray buildings and lawns. The best way to control ant populations is by hiring a professional exterminator who is able to determine the correct treatment option. While new methods of extermination may require more time and additional treatments, it is the most effective way to get rid of new generations of insects along with the queen ants living deep under the ground. A professional exterminator has access to biological and physical treatments that will eliminate large populations of insects.

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