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Local Pest Control Services for Rodents

Schedule a Free Pest InspectionIf you live in a place infested with rodents, local pest control services from Command are what you need.  Rodents are rapid breeders that multiply all year-round. They have oversized teeth and their body plan allows them to squeeze into any hole. As they can cause diseases and significant damage to your home, you should make sure to keep your investment protected.

Top reasons why you need local pest control services

Here are two reasons why our local pest control services offer you the best solution for your rodent problem in South Florida.
  • A well-suited plan. Different houses require varying approaches to defeat a population of rodents. We create a pest control plan that will kill the rodents and prevent them from entering your house again. Command Pest Control customizes the approach depending on several the number of pests present, and size of the house.
  • You are not exposed to hazards. Exterminating rodents may involve the use of hazardous chemicals. Our pest control technicians are experts in handling these chemicals. We’re trained to know how our products work, and how to apply them in order to maximize their effect.

How Command Pest Control conducts its local pest control services

Through 24 years of experience, we have devised a 3-step approach to successfully rid your house of this pest.

  1. Determine the kind of species.
    By knowing the species of the rodents, we can calculate how many rodents are present in your house, and how fast they multiply. 
  2. Formulate the best solution to fit the situation.
    Based on the findings of what species of rodents is living under your roof, your local pest control services provider will devise the most effective solutions – either to use baits or chemicals. 
  3. Implement the plan.
    We will set up the baits as part of your local pest control services. We will make sure that such baits are beyond reach and are risk-free. No one will be able to access them apart from the targeted rodents. We will also implement, during this time, other plans agreed upon, and monitor everything.
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