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Support Your Local Pest Control Companies

Support Your Local Pest Control Companies

ft-lauderdale-rodent-controlHave you noticed that your walls are beginning to have gnaw marks? Never wait for the day that your house becomes infested with rodents. Don’t give those rats and mice enough time to reproduce. Remember, they multiply as fast as the calculator gives you an answer. It adds up!

Do something before it becomes much harder for rodents to be exterminated. Command Pest Control is eco-friendly and one of the best local pest control companies in South Florida. Call us now and schedule an appointment to get 15% off your first service.

What sets us apart from other local pest control companies?

There are two things that make us different: our process and the quality of our service.

Our Process
Most local pest control companies will announce that their service for you is already complete after they have installed baits inside your homes. Well, Command Pest Control goes further than that. We assess, implement, and monitor your rodent situation. Before we undertake any step, we inspect your property especially its structural condition and sanitation. After such, we analyze your rodent problem and create a plan to control it. All our plans have one goal: rodent-proofing. This means we are not only geared to getting rid of your rodents, we are getting rid of them for good.

After assessment, we implement the selected plant that suits your problem best. Unlike other local pest control companies, we do not stop at that. We undertake to monitor how our plan is going. We evaluate its effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Service Quality
Delivering quality since 1995. We are certified to use Vikane and Termidor Termiticide, and our staff constantly trains to keep ahead of developments in the industry. We do all these things because we want you to be fully satisfied with our service and products.

Our products versus those from local pest control companies

In addition to excellent customer service, many homeowners and companies prefer us over the competition because our products are people and environmentally-friendly. We only utilize green-friendly, cutting-edge rodent control tactics. These include baits and traps. Further, we do not use toxic poisons. We only use chemicals which are tough on rodents but risk-free to humans.

Know more about our services. For rodent treatment and extermination in South Florida, choose local pest control companies. Call (954) 943-0008 or complete the form to schedule a FREE inspection.


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