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Why You Need A Pest Inspection Before Selling Your Home

Why You Need A Pest Inspection Before Selling Your Home

Pest control in Fort Lauderdale, FL consistently proves to be a challenge. The city’s humid climate and beautiful sunshine are breeding grounds for insects and pests as they seek water and reprieve from uncomfortable rising temperatures. With spring and summer comes blooms that attract an array of pests from ants to rats. Spring and summer months are the recommended seasons to sell or buy a home so performing a pest inspection prior to putting it on the market may save you time and money. Many homeowners simply opt to not have a pest inspection and the very idea is haunting.

If you opt not to have pest inspection prior to putting your home up for sell, you open the door to a million uncertainties. For example, a couple in Maryland purchased a home for a little over $400k and soon found that the previous owners had a major snake infestation as the weather began to heat up. To protect you and your family as you prepare to sell your home invite a pest control specialist to visit your Fort Lauderdale home and avoid the headache. Not all properties feature or show a pest problem which is often the challenge. When you have a pest inspection performed on your home prior to putting  it up for sale, your buyers are aware of any pests problems and have assurance that you have taken care of your home in the best possible manner.

Why Pest Inspection in Fort Lauderdale, FL Matters

Obtaining a pest inspection just before putting your home up for sale enables you to address issues and avoid delay in closing or the like. Most buyers opt to get their own pest inspections prior to purchasing so getting one before you sell your home ensures you do not have any surprises. If your home does not sell, consider getting an updated inspection every three to six months. Regular inspections identify and predict pest issues prior to the actual damage that is caused by pests such as termites, snakes, or rodents. Ensuring you a have sound pest control plan in Fort Lauderdale, FL means you rectify and address pest problems long before a potential buyer comes along.

Here are a handful of ways to keep your home pest free after your visit from a pest control specialist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

1. Put Away Your Leftovers

Avoid leaving food on your kitchen counters at night as it provides sustenance for most insects and rodents. Place your leftovers in the refrigerator. Rinse dirty dishes. Throw leftovers in a garbage can with a lid that snaps closed.

2. Look for Cracks In Your Walls

The tiniest crack is a passageway into your home. Armies of ants love these. Seal any cracks or fissures in your walls, ceilings, and window frames.

3. Increase Your Garden’s Biodiversity

Plant flowers and veggies in unconventional patterns. It is not a proven fact but many believe that this tends to confuse garden insects who use scent to locate food. Neat rows of tomatoes are a feast for pests; gardenias growing next to roses are a labyrinth of smells they cannot easily decipher.

4. Choose Safe Pesticides

Not every pesticide is effective or safe – no matter what the label says. Ask an experienced pest control specialist in Fort Lauderdale for the best pest control pesticides to use in your home and around children or family pets. Every home is different and the most effective pesticides vary according to location, climate, and pests problems.

5. Remove Standing Water

Empty tubs, buckets, flowerpots, etc. Fill in deep trenches collecting water after a rainstorm and other earthy crevices. Standing water is a nesting ground for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

6. Cut Off Access Points

Install vents or screens over windows, chimneys, and other home openings and entrances.

Hundreds of homeowners realize the horrors pests can bring. Infestations of pests have the ability to damage interior walls, keep homeowners locked away inside, or even affect foundations. The reality is that while trying to sell your home you must avoid easy-fix problems at all cost and protect your home until it is sold. Complete pest inspection and stop being bothered by insects or riled by rodents; rest easy at night.


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