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Avoiding Rodent Invasions

Avoiding Rodent Invasions

Anyone seeing a rodent in their home or business is probably disgusted at the thought of filthy vermin infesting a property. However, rats and mice can squeeze easily into a building through tiny holes and thin crevices. Rodent invasions can happen in any type of building, including one that is extremely clean. However, most rodents are seeking food sources to remain healthy and breed a new generation. This means that removing trash, especially garbage is an important way to discourage a rodent invasion.

Rodents Learn Quickly

A building that has mice or rats is often one with multiple units where some residents or business owners provide adequate maintenance and others do not. In large cities, where buildings are close together and share the same sewer systems and utility lines, rodents learn quickly how to travel from apartment to apartment or office to office to find scraps of food or hiding spaces to breed. There are excellent reasons to have a concern about rodents scurrying around while dropping waste.

Trapping or Poisoning

Rodents can transmit infectious diseases such as Hantavirus, bubonic plague, and typhus. These animals do this by carrying fleas, ticks, and pathogens on body fur. A rodent might crawl along a kitchen countertop while searching for food but leave behind urine or insects that infect people with life-threatening health conditions. In some regions, there are specific regulations concerning the control of rodents to avoid exposure to dangerous poisons. Today, many professional exterminators use trapping methods to capture rodents humanely or kill the animals, rather than using poisons.

Integrated Pest Management

There are good reasons to hire exterminators who understand integrated pest management that looks at the whole picture of rodent invasions in buildings and outdoor spaces. When the wrong types of poison are used, the rodents surviving are stronger and more resistant, making it more difficult to control the population. Do-it-yourself rodent pest control is not recommended because it is a waste of time, and the poisons are a health hazard for anyone who ingests or touches the substances.

Command Pest Control

When an exterminator begins an inspection, they find issues such as areas where rodents can enter. Many rodents quickly notice traps or bait, but exterminators know where to place the items for effective control. To avoid rodent invasions or get rid of rodents in Florida residential or residential properties, contact Command Pest Control located in Pompano Beach.

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