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Why Every Business Needs Commercial Pest Control

Why Every Business Needs Commercial Pest Control

When you own a business, taking care of pest problems needs to be a top priority. You may think you can save money by taking care of pests or having team members take care of them. This is not a viable option for various reasons, not the least of which is your safety and the safety of your team. Read on to learn about why every business with a facility needs professional commercial pest control. 

Health and Safety

Letting pests roam your business exposes anyone who enters to potential health risks. Cockroaches, for example, can carry salmonella and E. Coli bacteria. Rodents can spread hantavirus and typhus, among other diseases. Some people also have allergies to otherwise harmless pests. If you try to handle an infestation on your own, and it doesn’t work, the risk the pests pose remains. By allowing professionals to take care of your commercial pest control needs, you prevent these problems. 

Protection of Property and Assets

Pests don’t see property the way people do. Some pests use all sorts of materials for nesting, chewing through whatever they need to build their nests. Others find their way into food, thereby spoiling it. Even worse, the habits of some pests mean they mess with the foundation of your building. To protect your property and assets, you need regular preventative pest control. Otherwise, you’re inviting pests in to potentially destroy your property. 

Legal Compliance

For most businesses, the law requires facility owners to maintain a pest-free environment. Ignoring these laws can lead to hefty fines and potential business closure. This is one reason why it’s vital to have a professional pest control company to quickly and thoroughly take care of any issues that arise. Preventative maintenance is equally important, as it’s much more difficult and expensive to eliminate an active infestation. 

Reputation Management

If you have a customer- or client-facing business, it’s best if those customers or clients never see a pest. There’s nothing worse than a customer leaving a review about pests in your place of business. Even if only employees ever enter your building, word can still spread about a pest infestation. No one wants to work among pests. Keep your reputation intact by keeping up with preventative maintenance for pests and getting pest problems taken care of as soon as you discover them.  


There’s nothing worse than repeatedly using harsh chemicals to eliminate pests and having them not eliminate pests or keep them out. It’s much more cost-effective to get pest control done right the first time by professional pest technicians. By doing preventative maintenance, you also avoid the damage pests cause, which could lead to hefty repair bills or needing to replace products. While the upfront cost of pest control services may seem high, you save money in the long run. 

Commercial pest control services are essential for any business. The commercial pest control pros at Command Pest Control, a veteran-owned company with a 20-year history of exceptional service, are here to help you find and eliminate pests from your business. Call us at 954-943-0008 or contact us online to schedule a free inspection. 

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