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What to Consider When Hiring Professional Pest Control

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What to Consider When Hiring Professional Pest Control

The American people officially have a pest issue. Did you know that nearly 85 percent of homeowners have a pest issue each year?

This includes insects and critters like mice, termites, wasps, and more. Pest issues have the potential to spiral into a substantial expenditure.

For example, termite treatment costs up to $2500 if fumigation with a tent is required. Cost risk is even higher if the termites manage to damage the home’s foundation or any structures.

The most effective way to tackle this issue is to hire a professional pest control company. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to hire the best company. Explore topics such as online research and contract review.

Rely on Referrals

The best way to find a professional pest control company is to rely on referrals. With so many people experiencing pest issues, you certainly have a friend or family member with a referral.

Referrals are so effective because they rely on a good experience. Your friend or family member can tell you about their chemistry with the company’s employees. They can also inform you about customer service, responsiveness, and work quality.

Perform Online Research

In addition to referrals, you should also check on the experience of other customers. One of the greatest benefits of the internet is access to a wealth of information.

Here you can use a search engine or social media to look at what people are saying about a professional pest control company. Look specifically for customer testimonials, especially those with a negative review.

There are also consumer advocacy groups that track complaints against a company. Resources like the Better Business Bureau give you an idea of how a business looks at its worst.

Verify the Company’s Credentials

In order to operate, a professional pest control company needs various credentials. For example, each state has different licensure requirements.

In addition, the state government requires that employees are trained and certified. These government requirements apply to two different types of employees.

Both the pesticide applicator and service technicians are required to maintain a license to operate. You should verify a company’s credential by calling the state’s agriculture department.

Get Information on the Products

While there are some similarities, each company is likely to use a different product set.  You should take the time to ask a professional pest control company about their products.

Also, request a copy of the product label before allowing a company to use it. When it comes to applying products in your home, it is important to educate yourself. With this information, you can hold the company accountable for application rates and following all precautions.

Some companies try to market a secret formula. However, this is a clear indicator that the company is illegitimate. All pest control products are registered with federal and state governments. In addition, each product is required to list all active ingredients.

Look for Success

One thing that you should specifically be looking for is the probability of success. Some companies are better than others at eliminating a threat and making sure it never returns.

This is the type of information to seek out during online research and referrals. Also, do not be afraid to ask this tough question directly to the prospective companies.

Ask the company how often its service agents need to return to a home or business. This is one way to look at the effectiveness of the company’s products and extermination techniques.

Complimentary Inspections

A professional pest control company that offers a free inspection is operating on good faith. These businesses could generate significant revenue by charging for each home inspection.

However, the intent is to exterminate pests and prevent a reoccurrence. Naturally, any business that loses sight of the mission does not deserve your business.

Long-Term Service

Again, the mission is not simply to eradicate the existing threat. You need to ensure the problem does not rear its ugly head in the future.

For this reason, reputable pest control companies offer a long-term service option. For a fixed annual or monthly fee, the professional pest control company will come out on a moment’s notice. Any suspicion of a pest infestation will prompt the company to come out.

There are a number of things you should look for before signing a long-term contract. Most importantly, you do not want the company routinely applying chemicals unless it is warranted.

The preference is to treat infestations with non-chemical products. In addition, an inspection is necessary to verify the existence of pests before any treatment is put down.

Also, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of a long-term contract. You want to avoid agreements that include unreasonable exclusions or exemptions.

Take care to ask the professional pest control company any questions about the agreement. You should have a full understanding of everything in the deal before signing.

Things to Avoid

Like any service industry, there are companies out there with bad intentions. The good news is that there are several ways to spot these bad actors.

For example, avoid companies that claim to be endorsed by a government body. There is not a single government agency that endorses or markets a professional pest control company.

Another thing to avoid is companies that claim your house is structurally unsafe due to an infestation. The truth is that pest control companies are not qualified to make this determination. This claim can only be made by a structural engineer.

One scam made by some illegitimate pest control companies is charging by the product volume used. You can spot this on the quotation by seeing a per-gallon price. The company then uses hundreds of gallons of diluted pest control products.

A Recap of Hiring the Best Professional Pest Control Company

There is a lot that goes into hiring a quality service contractor. Taking steps like performing online research or acquiring product information goes a long way.

If you are in the market for a professional pest control company, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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