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How to Prevent Bees and Wasps

How to Prevent Bees and Wasps

Not all insects are bad; however, some can become a nuisance and a create havoc when they decide to invade your home. Pest control in Fort Lauderdale can help you determine if you have a pest problem. The best way to remedy the eminent problem of bees and wasps invading is to take preventive measures. Bees, for instance, are important since they help with pollination, and they make honey. A swarm of unwanted bees in your home poses a huge risk to your family and neighbors within the vicinity. Wasps and bees are also a big concern when they start making a nest around various other areas in your yard such as sheds, decks, and pool slides.

Bees are social insects and live in colonies that consists of thousands of bees. Wasps are also social, but certain species are solitary. When dealing with a bee infestation, it is common to be dealing with more social types.  Social wasps and bees fiercely defend their nest to the death and are ready to sting in an effort to protect that nest and home.

Acting as soon as you note any sign of bees or wasps is important. Consult a pest control specialist in Fort Lauderdale for the best advice on how to handle your problem safely. Identifying the types of bees and wasps that you may have is necessary to help you get rid of them as well as help you avoid another invasion.

Tips for Controlling Bees

When you are trying to prevent wasps or treat invaded areas start with any wasps or bees nesting closest to your home and move outwards. Wasps leave their nests just before sunrise and after sundown – these are the perfect moments to strike. Bees on the other hand, are meticulous in their conduct; they always guard their nest so the best way to fight them is using special smoke that makes them docile and less aggressive when you begin to remove the nest.

Conduct a thorough inspection of the area to identify all nesting places before treating an infected area. Do the same after the eradication process to be sure the insects have not started making a new nest; only then can you start implementing preventive measures.

Understanding the nature of wasps and bees is the best way to keep them at bay. For instance, some wasps prefer making their nests under the ground, other wasps species prefer to build nests in trees, under the gutters, or under overhangs. Bees also make their nests on branches, and some species prefer places with an open space such as a hollow tree trunk or branch.

When you know what species of wasps and bee you are dealing with you are able to implement the proper preventive measures to avoid re-infestation. Consider doing the following tips to prevent bees and wasps from invading your home again; these are standard measures that help keep all types of bees and wasps at bay.

  • Cover Foods – Avoid leaving food uncovered, especially sugary and sweet foods. Consider storing the food in your pantry or refrigerator.
  • Clean Your Home – most insects are attracted to cluttered places. Keep your home organized to give yourself the opportunity to spot insect nests in their early stages of development. 
  • Trim Your Lawn And Clear The Shrubs – maintaining a clean and well organized yard helps keep insects and rodents away. Remove any stagnant water to make certain your home does not become a breeding ground for insects. 
  • Remove Rotted Fruit. It is easy to note any fallen fruits that wasps may feed on and may attract bees or other insects.
  • Sealing Your Structure – pay keen attention to the corners of structures and along the concrete ground to note any crevices that can be a welcome spot for nests. It is advisable to do this inspection regularly or consult a pest control expert in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Keep Garbage Bins Closed – make sure they have tight-fitting lids that are always firmly secure to prevent rodents, wasps, and bees from accessing the bins.
  • Keep Door and Windows Shut – it will keep insects from entering and making their nests inside your home. Pay careful attention to the attic making sure it stays clean and organized.
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