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Do I Need Lawn Pest Control?

Do I Need Lawn Pest Control?

If you are a homeowner you likely keep a running list of to-do’s to protect and maintain one of your most valuable investments – your home. Keeping it clean with regular upkeep both inside and outside is a priority for every home owner. It is also very challenging to ensure all these to-dos are complete due to time constraints, cost, and family safety.

Many homeowners misunderstand the need or purpose for lawn pest control services. Maintaining your lawn requires care, chemicals, and knowledge. It directly contributes to your curb appeal as well.  Trying to figure out if you really require lawn pest control services in Florida is often a challenge. Here are a few scenarios to consider when deciding how to care for your lawn.

Are lawn-damaging insects in your area?

Making an investment in landscaping or other services for lawn maintenance could be a costly affair if lawn-damaging insects are harming your lawn unexpectedly. Lawns that are struggling with upkeep and maintenance are often fighting an unknown insect. It is very important to be aware of what kind of insects thrive in the area you live by consulting a lawn pest control service. Depending on the climate and water conditions, the species of insects vary according to location and are not always easy to spot. Not all insects are bad for your lawn yet if you already have seen a few insects but are not sure if they cause damage it is certainly time to call a lawn pest control specialists for the best ways to handle the situation. Lawn pest control service providers lend help when you need to identify pests and suggest an estimate to eradicate them.

Do you have brown patches or stunted growth?

A lawn that has fungus can cause many diseases and unsightly patches. The brown patches or grass that appears to be shriveled or stunted is actually a sign of fungus that is using the grass to grow and spread.  There are generally small patches of such damage which is scattered around and throughout the lawn. If troubled spots are left alone then the perimeter of damage can soon multiply into a large dead area. A lawn that may have diseases is not very resilient and will be susceptible to further damage caused by insects, weeds, and other pests. In fact, when pests have had enough of the lawn, they may seek more ground for more food and shelter. These pests can even start invading your homes if they are not controlled proactively as they search for healthier food to eat.

Do you have weeds growing uncontrollably?

Pests like insects and weeds easily destroy lawns.  Did you know that even dandelions are weeds? Lawns are constantly under the threat of weeds but insects like ants, spiders, and crickets eat away at your grass and often cause the most damage. There are also larvae that grow under your lawn beds and eat away at the roots, causing the shriveling and the stunting of the grass.

Protecting Your Lawn Means Protecting Your Family

Some species of weeds and insects are also known to be harmful to your kids and pets. Insect bites or stings from some pests cause terrible allergic reactions. They also cause diseases that can make you sick. Furthermore, insects are known to cause damage to books, upholstery, and your property in general.

Professional services help maintain your lawn and keep it healthy throughout the year. The solutions that pest control services provide are very customized according to what your home and your lawn requires. Lawn pest control service helps you identify pests that are more likely to be found in your area and provides useful suggestions on how to protect your home to prevent any pest invasion in the future.

Weeds, insects, and other damaging pests multiply uncontrollably if they are left to themselves. If you think that you may need lawn pest control services give the experts a call for a free consultation. Calling a lawn care pest expert keeps you proactive in fighting damage before your lawn has irreversible damage. With lawn pest control, you have the control over your lawn before the pests take control over you.

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